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Industrial Testing & Inspection Services

ITIS B.V. (Industrial testing & inspection Services) is an independent technical service company and has expert knowledge and experience to providing leak testing, valve testing, non-destructive testing and inspection services. ITIS is located in Goes in the South West of the Netherlands.

We are a recognized provider of customized services to various industries, including power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil & gas, cryogenic and other high risk industries.

Our independent, objective, customer satisfaction through services that meet or exceed their expectations or international standards. Our expertise, built from over 15 years of being in the industry, means we can support our customers throughout the project cycle.


New ITIS Test Facility!

We are proud to announce that due to our growth, we are moving to a new, modern, safe and energy eff Read more »

ITIS: supporter of Hoondert Rally Team and Dakar 2016 (Argentina-Bolivia)

 Read more »

New Standard ISO 15848-1: 2015

As per June 2015 a new revision of the standard ISO 15848-1 is applicable Read more »

ITIS Tube Inspection

While our operators were performing NDT inspections on heat exchangers and the corresponding piping, Read more »

Success story

A Dutch company which is a leading supplier of natural vegetable oil-based ingredients for the food  Read more »

Burst Testing

Usually a burst test is executed to detect the weakest part of the material.  Read more »

Testing blind plugs

A European gas plant had experienced numerous problems with the sealing of blind plugs in a LNG syst Read more »

Helium leak testing heat exchangers

A chemical plant ordered 12 heat exchangers with a zero-leakage guarantee. Read more »

Extra test bunkers

There has been a serious increase in valve test orders. Read more »

Testing Swivel Joints

Swivel joints are used to make rigid pipe constructions for the transport of liquids and gasses flex Read more »

June 2013: API 6A PR2 Qualification Testing

Several metal seated ball valves, for application on the Total Elgin Franklin platform, are to be te Read more »

May 2013: Inspection of valves during shutdown

For a period of approximately three weeks ITIS has inspected hundreds of control valves, on-off valv Read more »

March 2013: Shell TAT SPE 77-300

IS has tested several valves for type approval with Shell Global Solutions International. Read more »

January 2013: Testing gate valves for EnQuest Producer

The oil production and storage vessel EnQuest has entered its "third life" and is expected to contin Read more »

ITIS up-scaling: test benches, 1200 mm

Due to a considerable increase in valve testing orders, ITIS has expanded its arsenal with two addit Read more »

February 2013: TA-Luft (VDI 2440) & ISO 15848-1 certification

We are proud to announce that ITIS has become a preferred vendor to provide Valve Testing for a majo Read more »

April 2013: Testing gate valves in Germany

Fugitive Emission and seat tests to be performed on a DN1500 gate valve, weight 11500 kg, height 760 Read more »

April 2013: ISO 15848-1 Stem Seal Qualification

On behalf of a Stem Seal Manufacturer, ITIS BV has tested and certified a stem sealing in accordance Read more »


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